Services Examples

In addition to this small list of examples, we stress that our goal is to alleviate your situation, no matter how simple or complex it might be. In other words, your goals are our goals.


Cost Engineering & Control

Strategic distribution of all project costs into their appropriate codifications upon trending, change notices, contract splits, etc. Continued monitoring of budget costs against contract values and incurred costs from vendors. Cost Performance Index (CPI) verification.

Earned Value Project Management

Similar to Cost Engineering, this will entail the establishing of and collection of all costs or man-hours trended, changed, revised, scheduled, spent, and earned throughout the life of the project, to ensure that the CPI, SPI and variances are a legitimate and true reflection of the reality.

Project Delivery Centre (PDC) Integration

Maybe after a merger or acquisition, you may be tasked with ensuring that the new office (PDC) follows all the rules to have both operations and project work done in a manner that satisfies upper management and the culture. On the flip side, during a merger, your existing PDC may be the one that has to integrate. In any case, we can help with this. 

Gross Margin Audits 

Generally the organization will have to establish a gross margin determination model as part of their business case prior to moving forward with internal project approval. Sometimes this becomes neglected as the project proceeds leaving corporate unsure of what the GM is. The project manager then may be challenged to figure it out and it will cause many disturbances and ripples in the team.

International Work-share Coordination 

In today's economic climate, many firms are work-sharing with their counterparts in foreign lands in an effort to stay competitive. We have been involved on several work-share projects (many of which were also joint ventures), and the last one was a work-share between Calgary & Mumbai. The project teams were having trouble keeping each other in the loop which was negatively impacting the project through confusion and loss of morale and credibility. So, an international project coordination meeting was established where we facilitated the communications and information transfer between the two project controls teams. Both sides were very grateful.

Corporate / Project Integrated Processes & Procedures 

Think about the challenge that some personnel have when they are being pulled from both sides while working in a matrix organizational structure. Well processes and procedures are no different. Almost all projects are faced with trying to accommodate project specific codes, WBS, methodology, or something as per either a request by the client, or simply based on the unique nature of the project. In such cases, a tremendous amount of effort goes into the realignment of these documents and ground rules.  The same issue is commonly seen in the HSEC  discipline more and more as their site specific hazard orientations must meet the federal and provincial regulations in addition to the client and project management / engineering contractor, and even major construction contractors' best practices.  


Man-power Progress

Liaise with any project personnel that are responsible for ensuring that their people are working efficiently, and that they are interpreting and reporting their schedule and progress correctly.

Project Change Control

We love change management. This is where we will ensure that all documentation, rules, processes, and procedures are sound; and that they are being followed thoroughly and cleanly through swift decision making. Scope is paramount. 

Enterprise Manpower Forecasting & Levelling

This is for larger organizations that will have a number of projects or programs underway at the same time with many different business units involved. The resources of the matrix organization structure will be (or could be) servicing multiple projects at any given time and may be offered transfers to other projects after the adjourning at project completion. It can be massive, but it's really quite smart when it all lines-up.

Project Status Reporting (Internal & External)

Project Status Reporting can be a real pleasure if the team is synergistic and if the change management is tight with a well established scope baseline. Maybe it will be simple weekly flash reports that roll into a monthly progress report and so on. The coordination and reporting calendar is key here.

Panel Review Cycle Implementation

The panel review in conjunction with the internal monthly project status review meeting, is where the corporate team, general manager, stakeholders, and project management teams meet periodically to go over the project highlights and risks. Seems simple enough, and it should be. However, if each project manager is reporting differently and such, it becomes a huge time waster. Especially if you've got 15 or 20 projects on the go. A streamlined approach and a facilitator that stays tuned in for the review cycle is the smart way to go about it. 

Project Planning Strategies & System Set-up

Again a streamlined approach is always best, but very few projects are identical, so the project definition phase of any project must be executed quickly and methodically to ensure a smooth transition into planning and execution. Project Management Systems depend on it. Keeping an eagle eye view on things will save a lot of rework and re-coding.

Integrated Project Management Systems Administration

These systems are very robust and at times very intimidating to many project personnel. Being the Project Systems Administrator means that you have to wear every hat that the organization has at one point or another. The best tools for efficiently training the teams, ensuring they have the correct access to their modules, and that the data is being fed into the system in a timely fashion; is a combination of a modified RACI chart, Training Matrix, and Systems Access Matrix. At the same time that's all going on, they also have to work to their own implementation plan to ensure that all the codes and values are established correctly and quickly as soon as the Project Instructions Manual is hot off the press.

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